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Select Analyst/HP


The Select Analyst is ideal for everyday pure water laboratory tasks, including glassware rinsing, buffers and stains, reagent make-up, and media preparation. The Select HP provides a consistent supply of high quality pure water, making it suitable for HPLC, ion chromatography, atomic absorption, and clinical analyser feed.


Select Fusion

purite-gambar-fusionThe Select Fusion is purpose built for analytical and life science applications that need small volumes of ultrapure water to 18.2M?.cm from a mains supply, typically up to 50 litres per day, in addition to purified water for general laboratory use. The self-contained, dual quality system integrates pre-treatment, reverse osmosis, UV photo-oxidation, ion exchange and sub-micron filtration technology in a single, robust and compact enclosure. A high contrast LCD shows system status, including water quality, TOC, temperature and flow rates. Visual and audible alarms are also included, while event data can be downloaded via a standard USB port. The system provides take-off through either an ultrapure water dispenser or a separate bib tap. When it is not being used, water quality is enhanced by automatic recirculation. The Select Fusion can be wall or bench mounted and is supplied with an installation kit and a full set of consumables.


Select Purewater 300

purite-gambar-purewater-300The Select Purewater 300 is designed specifically for use with laboratory glassware washing machines, providing rinse water to a purity of over 1M Ohm.cm at a flow rate of up to 48 litres per hour. The system is compact, robust, simple to use and easy to maintain, using proven pre-treatment, reverse osmosis and ion-exchange deionisation technology to ensure a reliable and consistent supply of purified water. The unit has standard connections for quick installation, with a high flow outlet that fits easily to most glassware washing machines using a conventional gravity feed. It incorporates a standard 20 litre integral tank or can be supplied with an optional external 50 or 100 litre tank for extra capacity.

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