pH/Temperature Bench Meter – MI 150


MI 150 is an advanced pH/Temp microprocessor-based bench meter. It is ideal for students and technicians who need fast and reliable measurements. This meter is provided with a series of new diagnosic features which add an entirely new dimension to the measurement of pH, by allowing the user to dramatically improve the reliability of the measurement:

  • Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC) for good accuracy under fluctuating temperatures;
  • Easy to read large custom LCD;
  • Easy and quick push-button calibration
  • 7 memorized buffers (pH 1.68,4.01,7.01,9.18,10.01 and 12.45) for calibration;
    –   Messages on the LCD to make the calibration easy and accurate;
    –   User-selectable”calibration time out” to remind when a new calibration is necessary;
  • Stability Indicator prompts whenever reading stabilizes.

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MI 150


pH/Temperature Portable Meter – MI 105


Extended Range pH and Temperature Meter in a compact casing the included electrode has a built-in temperature sensor and amplifier to prevent electrical interference. The MI105 has a stability indicator and hold feature that freezes the display for easy and accurate recording. The large display also has graphic symbols to guide you through all operations. The battery life of the meters guarantees over 500 hours of continuous use. When switched ON it performs a self-check and displays the percentage of the remaining battery level to assure proper working condition. Calibration is performed automatically at 1 or 2 points using standard or NIST buffers.

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MI 105


Photometer for Amonia MR/LR; Iron HR; Phosphate LR (MI405,MI407,MI408,MI412)


This user-friendly colorimeters will give you direct readings in mg/L.

Ammonia detection in water treatment systems is particularly important for aquarium owners and fish farm operators. Ammonia is highly soluble in water and extremely toxic to fish. Fish farm owners must monitor and maintain careful control of ammonia levels to ensure optimum water conditions for their stock. Milwaukee offers 2 instruments for low and medium concentrations: MI405 with a range of 0.00 to 9.99 mg/L and MI407 from 0.00 to 3.00 mg/L. Iron is naturally present in water supplies and its presence in both portable and industrial applications is regarded as objectionable. Milwaukee offers MI408 Iron meter with a range of 0.00 to 5.00 mg/L. Phosphates are present in natural waters and at concentrations typically found, do not pose any specific health threats humans. However, excessive contamination of water courses from agricultural fertilier run of or wastewater/effluent discharge can promote excessive algae or plant growth. Milwaukee offers MI412 with range 0.00 to 2.50 mg/L.

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MI 405 / MI 407 / MI 408 / MI 412


pH/ORP/EC/TDS/NaCl & Temperature Laboratory Bench Meter – MI 180


MI180 measures 6 different parameters: pH, ORP, EC, TDS (Total Dissolved Solids), Percentage of NaCl and temperature in a variety of ranges. pH calibration can be performed in 3 points selectable between 7 memorized buffers, to provide a very accurate calibration curve even when testing different samples, where very wide differences in pH can be found. The automatic temperature compensation can also be disabled for measuring the actual conductivity value. The stability indicator on the LCD ensures accuracy. COnductivity readings are performed with the 4-ring probe supplied with the meter. The GLP feature allows users to store and recall data on system status. PC compatible through an RS232 port or USB.

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MI 180


Chlorine Photometers – MW10/MW11


Chlorine is the most commonly used water disinfectant. Applicantions vary from treatment of drinking water and wastewater to pool and spa sanitization and food processing to sterilization. Milwaukee offers 2 models : MW10 for measuring free chlorine (0.00 to 2.50 mg/L) and MW11 to measure total chlorine (0.00 to 3.50 mg/L).

Key features include :

  • User Friendly;
  • Smaller & Ergonomic case design;
  • Inexpensive;
  • Larger and Easier to read Display;
  • Good accuracy and immediate results;

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MW 10/MW 11


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